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How does my lawyer work with my doctor during my injury case?

  • When you've been injured in an accident, your first priority should be your physical and mental recovery. If you are treated at the emergency room immediately following your accident, you will likely receive instructions to follow up with your primary-care physician. Unfortunately, your primary care physician is likely not trained in treating the specific types of injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, and you may be left wondering where to turn.

  • Of the many choices you must make during this difficult time, selecting your treating physician is among the most important. A physician who is experienced in the type of care a patient needs following an auto accident will be familiar with not only your injuries, but how meiticulous record-keeping, billing and recommendations for surgery and future treatment all play a role in maximizing the value of your case.

  • When choosing the attorney who represents you in your injury case, it's critical to select one who has good working relationships with the injury physicians in your area. There are many reasons why. First, we will help you find a doctor who specilizes in your type of injury. Second, we can more effectively negotiate your medical bills, which maximizes your recovery in your legal case. Third, we can colloborate with your doctor as to the records, evidence and if needed, testimony they will provide in support of your case.

In an injury case, your health is the first focus. Building your case comes next, and that is where our attorneys work with your doctor to maximize your recovery both in the doctor's office and the courtroom. Call 904-608-3694 today to schedule a consultation with an attorney today.


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